Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Path To 9/11 4 Critics, 4 Agendas

The critics of the ABC film "The Path To 9/11" had their own reasons to protest the film; Their own failures and missteps in an attack which was planned and perpetrated on their watch.

Richard Ben-Veniste

A Democratic congressional staffer during the Clinton impeachment proceedings and a 9/11 Commission member who conducted the infamous inquisition of Condoleezza Rice over a presidential daily briefing that allegedly warned President Bush of the attack.

Ben-Veniste asking loaded questions based on false premises, and not letting Rice answer, hinted that the Commission was less interested in looking for the cause of 9/11 than an opportunity to blame the Bush administration for it.

The New York Times quoted Ben-Veniste as saying "As we were watching, we were trying to think how they could have misinterpreted the 9/11 Commission's findings the way they had."

But as most of us know the writers of the movie must have actually read the report.

Richard Clarke

It says that on Dec. 4, 1999, the National Security Council's counterterrorism coordinator, Richard Clarke, sent Berger a memo suggesting a strike against al-Qaida camps in Afghanistan in the last week of 1999. "In the margin next to Clarke's suggestion to attack al-Qaida facilities in the week before Jan. 1, 2000, Berger wrote, 'no,' " the commission found.

The report also says Berger was presented with plans to take action against Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida four times, the spring of 1998, June 1999, December 1999 and August 2000. Each time, Berger was an obstacle to action. Berger claims the film "flagrantly misrepresents my personal actions,"

Berger has always been an obstacle to finding the truth about the prelude to 9/11. We haven’t forgotten the he was the guy caught at the National Archives stuffing top secret material related to the 9/11 Commission inquiry into his socks and pants. Some of which were "mistakenly" destroyed. Maybe one of those documents was the Clarke “NO” memo?

Jamie Gorelick

The former Clinton administration deputy attorney general said recently that she "had a problem if you make claims that the TV program is based on the findings of the 9/11 Commission" because the film was "contradicted by our findings."

Gorelick was a participant in the very events that the 9/11 Commission investigated. She also hammered Rice accusing her office of failing to "connect the dots,"

Gorelick knew that she was the one who issued the memo ordering the FBI to erect a legal wall between itself and the CIA, preventing them from sharing information.

Gorelick should have been a 9/11 Commission witness rather than panel member!

I guess the Dems forgot Gorelick was the architect of the policy that established a wall between intel and law enforcement making "connecting the dots" before 9-11 virtually impossible.

Gorelick was the author of the 1995 memo that helped establish what Ashcroft testified was the "single greatest structural cause" for Sept. 11 — "the wall that segregated criminal investigators and intelligence agents."

Madeline Albright

Clinton's secretary of state insists the film "depicts scenes that never happened, events that never took place, decisions that were never made and conversations that never occurred."

Albright, who spent much of the Clinton administration helping appease North Korea into becoming a nuclear power, certainly never decided that bin Laden should be killed or captured.

In Richard Miniter's book, "Losing Bin Laden," Clarke tells of a meeting after the USS Cole was bombed in a Yemeni harbor. When the subject of retaliating against bin Laden came up, Albright was more concerned about the reaction of world opinion to an attack on Muslims, and the impact of such a strike on the Mideast peace process.

According to Miniter, Clarke recalled Albright saying, "Bombing Muslims wouldn't be helpful at this time." Or killing bin Laden prior to 9/11?

The fact is indecision and the lack of resolve on the part of the Clinton administration, repeatedly missed opportunities to kill or capture Bin Laden!

And the “The Path To 9/11” got it right!!!

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haystack said...

excellent work my man...excellent.

I often think about how these people feel when they look themselves in the mirror. Do they really believe what they say publicly, or CAN hey be 2 personalities?

The one for the camera, and the one they present to their maker.