Friday, September 15, 2006


Muslim fury grows at Pope's speech

The furore over comments made by Pope Benedict about the Islamic concept of Holy War continues to grow. Today British Muslims joined in, fiercely criticising his remarks.

The pontiff was accused of falling into "the trap of bigots and racists" with the comments he made on a visit to Germany.

Muslims must do more to integrate, says Archbishop

Last night Vatican officials were scrambling to defend the comments, saying the Pope had never intended to offend Muslims.

During a speech, he quoted a 14th century Byzantine emperor who said the prophet Mohammed had brought "things only evil and inhuman".

But Britain's Ramadhan Foundation, a youth organisation based in Rochdale, reacted angrily to the comments, comparing the Pope unfavourably to his predecessor John Paul II.

In a statement it said: "If the Pope wanted to attack Islam and Prophet Muhammad teachings he could have been brave enough to say it personally without quoting a 14th century Byzantine Christian emperor.

So the Pope quoting a 14th century Byzantine Emperor’s critique of Islam in an academic lecture is so ofensive it inspired RAGE! So much for the religion of peace!?!


haystack said...

Well done Steven!
You know, with all this fuss over the Pope and his apparent offending of our oh-so-sensitive enemies in the war on terror, it has me wondering whether we should just go on our own slamming of all things Muslim campaign. They will get so worked up, they'll start blowing themselves up in record numbers, and we won't have to shoot any more of them.

Just a thought...

Steven Foley said...

If wishing could make it so...