Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This Halloween, It’s The Left That’s Scared To Death!

I just had to share this article By Michael Johnson This Halloween, It’s The Left That’s Scared To Death some excerpts:

On this week devoted to the doings of the Dark Side, it seems apropos, somehow, to pause and reflect on those who have done so much to darken the spiritual landscape of these United States...

...the earnest advocates of atheism and sexual perversion who yearn, like vampires, to suck the very life out of our religious freedoms and sense of community...

...the too-many innocuous voters and ordinary citizens who, in their thirst to avoid conflict, played along with political correctness at the ballot box, and helped create the monsters of immorality that now dominate the political scene...

...the aggressive attorneys and activists who, wrapped mummy-like in their own agenda, have found their fortune in pressing the lawsuits that have brought paranoia and social paralysis to churches and school districts and businesses all over America.

Between them, this sprawling alliance of anti-God enthusiasts has proven frighteningly efficient at remaking America in their own brutal, dehumanizing image. In the space of a few decades, they have managed to entrench abortion and homosexual behavior, objectify children into sexual objects, criminalize Christianity in the popular culture, and promote guilt and self-doubt as the foremost qualities of our national character.


Murderous terrorists. Convicted killers. Pornographers and pedophiles. Politicians and media darlings who dance daily on the line between criticism and treason. Nation-states that are fine-tuning their fledgling nuclear weapons and sharpening their anti-American rhetoric. The Left has a place in its heart for all of these. You can’t be bad enough to earn the ire of those for whom “God and country” are mutually repugnant ideals.

Not much to add except: EXACTLY!!!

Kerry breaks liberal silence

In the run-up to the midterm elections liberal democrats have been keeping their collective mouths shut on Iraq. Carefully skirting the issue as to not remind the folks that they want to pull out of Iraq or at the very least let them know they have a very different view on the best way to protect the United States. Until now, John Kerry who must have been windsurfing or skiing missed the memo to keep quite when he, once again engaged in troop-bashing when he said: "You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."

White House Spokesman Slams Kerry Remark

The White House accused Sen. John Kerry on Tuesday of troop-bashing, seizing on a comment the Democrat made to California students that those unable to navigate the country's education system "get stuck in Iraq."

"Senator Kerry not only owes an apology to those who are serving, but also to the families of those who've given their lives in this," White House press secretary Tony Snow said. "This is an absolute insult."

Snow said the quote "fits a pattern" of negative remarks from Kerry about U.S. soldiers and suggested that whether Democratic candidates _ particularly those running on their military service backgrounds _ agree with their 2004 standard-bearer should be a campaign litmus test.

Snow said a lot of Americans have joined the military since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

"As for the notion that you can say this sort of thing about the troops and say you support them, it's interesting," the press secretary said.

John McCain was not to happy with the senator’s remarks calling for him to apologize saying:

McCain Calls On Kerry to Apologize

Senator Kerry owes an apology to the many thousands of Americans serving in Iraq, who answered their country's call because they are patriots and not because of any deficiencies in their education. Americans from all backgrounds, well off and less fortunate, with high school diplomas and graduate degrees, take seriously their duty to our country, and risk their lives today to defend the rest of us in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

They all deserve our respect and deepest gratitude for their service. The suggestion that only the least educated Americans would agree to serve in the military and fight in Iraq, is an insult to every soldier serving in combat, and should deeply offend any American with an ounce of appreciation for what they suffer and risk so that the rest of us can sleep more comfortably at night. Without them, we wouldn't live in a country where people securely possess all their God-given rights, including the right to express insensitive, ill-considered and uninformed remarks.

Thanks Senator Kerry for showing the American people exactly what the liberal democrats think of our troops and our security!!!

There is little doubt what these people would do if given the power. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Beccy Cole shows the Dixie Chicks how it's done!

Simply Amazing!!!

Australian singer, Beccy Cole, responds to fans that disagree with her support of the Diggers, the Australian soldiers fighting the war in Iraq. The Dixie Chicks should take notice to the proper way to respond to fans disagreements and criticisms!

"When I returned from the Middle East earlier this year, I felt so proud of the Australian troops I had met. I was extremely inspired by these hard working and enthusiastic young Australians and I wanted to write a song that would pay tribute to them. I'm delighted that Poster Girl has reached the number one position, I hope I've been able to spread the pride." -Beccy Cole

Since couldn't find the official lyrics to the song I did my best to transcribe them:

You won't listen to my songs anymore... you ripped my poster off the wall... cuzz i'm the singer that went to the war... you see no good in me at all...

Well pardon me if i believe I haven't got it wrong... and before you turn your back on me I'll sing you one more song...

Cuzz I shook hands with a digger on the wrong side of the world... with a wife at home who holds her breath and brand new baby girl...

And the digger fights for freedom... in a job that must be done... and I let go of his hand so proud to be Australian...

And if unlike me you feel no pride at all... then go ahead and take me... off your wall...

Cuzz i prefer to be a poster girl... on the wrong side of the world...

And I'm just the girl who sings the crazy songs... not qualified to sit and judge...

I've been right and I know I've been wrong... but I'm for peace and I'm for love...

And I admire the burning fire that causes you to fight...
I only wish the wrong side of the word.... had the same rights...

Cuzz I listened to the wisdom of the aussie brigadier... he spoke of widows and of orphans and need to dry their tears...

And he leads the fight for freedom... in a job that must be done...and I've never been more proud to say that I'm Australian...

And if unlike me you feel no pride at all... then go ahead and take me... off your wall...

Cuzz I prefer to be a poster girl... on the wrong side of the world...

Maybe i'm naive to think we all could get along... but sir I read your words and all I ask... is hear my song...

I shook hands with a digger on the wrong side of the world... with a wife at home who holds her breath and brand new baby girl...

And the digger fights for freedom in a job that must be done... and I've never been more proud to say that I'm Australian...

And if unlike me you feel no pride at all... then go ahead and take me... off your wall...

Cuzz I prefer to be a poster girl... on the wrong side of the world...

I'm so proud to be a poster girl... on the wrong side of the world!

Hat tip to: Blackfive and Larry Elder

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hyperventilating, Hysteria and Misinformation in the CA-47

Cutting through the nonsense and adding some perspective on Tan Nguyen and the so-called anti-immigrant letter

There has been absolutely no crime committed here, so why is there a criminal investigation couple weeks prior to a very important election? That’s a very good question.

Governor Schwarzenegger apparently thinks that informing people that illegal residents are committing a criminal offense if they vote illegally is in and of itself a "hate crime,"???

Let’s put the cowardice of the California Republican Party aside for a moment and focus on the man. Tan Nguyen (a naturalized citizen immigrated from Vietnam) is the 2006 Republican candidate for US House of Representatives running in California's 47th district against the incumbent Democrat Loretta Sanchez. A few days ago, a letter went out in Spanish to approximately 14,000 people in the district from Nguyen's campaign stating that voting by illegal immigrants is a crime for which they could face arrest.

The original letter in question:

You are receiving this letter because you recently registered to vote. If you are a citizen of the U.S. we encourage you to participate in the democratic process.

However, if you are here illegally or are just a resident with a green card, you should be advised that voting in any Federal Election is a crime and may result in imprisonment, and WILL result in deportation.

In fact, the U.S. Government is in the process of installing a new computer system which will be used to check and verify all new registrants who vote in the October/November elections. Private anti-immigration organizations may also bring a law suit to have access to this new computer system.

Unlike Mexico, there is NO BENEFIT to voting. There is no VOTER CARD in the USA. It is therefore very stupid to vote in any election if you are not a citizen.

Do not pay attention to any politician who tells you anything contrary. They have THEIR OWN INTERESTS. They just want to win elections. They do not care what happens to you.

Immediately, the hysteria machine when into full gear with some people declaring Nguyen unfit for office and demanding that he quit the race. Of course, you expect this kind of nonsense from the opposition party and their proxies in the press, but he's been hit by top Republicans in the state. How can an immigrant be against immigration? The county party has publicly called for his withdrawal, with Scott Baugh chairman of the Republican Party of orange county and Governor Schwarzenegger leading the way! funny the party tries to disown Tan but never supported him in the first place. He’s received no money or bodies from the Ca Republican party!

Nguyen is accused of hate crimes and violations of the Voting Rights Act, the holocaust and beating young children about the head and neck!

OK! The first two may be a bit ridiculous…lol

Seriously, the letter was sent out to 14,000 people who were on a database held by the office of Tan Nguyen a staffer (with permission from Tan) forwarded the database to a group that sent the letter.

But let’s assume for a minute that Tan himself penned the letter? So what! There is absolutely no crime in informing people of the law. You can’t intimidate people who have no business voting in the first place. Looking into this story you start to see a deliberate fueling of the fire that can only be coming from one place, the Sanchez campaign!

Let me begin by answering all the political figures, including the Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party- Scott Baugh, and their ridiculous call my withdrawal. I am innocent…and there is NO WAY IN HELL I AM QUITING THIS RACE. Mr. Scott Baugh, like many people this week, has made a rush to judgment and without all the facts. I find it incredible that he didn’t even call me, to get my side of the story, or didn’t even wait for the result of this so called investigation.


What is going on? And who is fueling this hysteria?

I would be doing a disservice to myself and the people of this community if I were to quit. A recent survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies found that I am neck and neck with my opponent, Ms. Sanchez. However, among voters who are 100% likely to vote this November, I am leading Ms. Sanchez by 13%. We have tremendous support from the people of this district because we have bonded with them in the last two years. We have listened to their concerns and we’ve been telling it like it is, whether when it comes to the issue of Illegal Immigration, Border Security, The War in Iraq, Caring for Our Elders, or Keeping American Jobs Here in America.

I have always tell it like it is and that’s what I am going to do today.

There is no crime committed, not a hate crime, and not even a love crime. The whole hysteria and nonsense about there being a crime is just a BIG FAT LIE and those who are fueling this hysteria and nonsense should be ashamed of themselves.

So, if there’s no crime committed, why is there an expedited criminal investigation conducted by the State Attorney General, three weeks prior to an election? What’s the rush? What’s going on? WHY HAS NO ONE STOOD UP AND SAY “THE EMPEROR’S GOT NO CLOTHES!!!!” Well, I am gonna do that!

I have learned that the letter in question was the Spanish translation of a letter in English, urging green card holders and illegal immigrants to refrain from voting. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? My attorney for the political campaign will address the letter, later.


There is now some debate to what the Spanish translation actually says, especially when it comes to the word “EMIGRADO.”

I took a long walk along the beach, last night, and I met many Hispanics. I asked them about the word “EMIGRADO,” and was very surprised to find out that it either means a person with a GREEN CARD or a person here legally but does not have citizenship. This is also a term used by the United States Immigration Service Agents to ask those crossing our border, whether they are a CITIZEN OR AN EMIGRADO, a person who is here legally, but with only a green card. All of us know that a person who only has a green card can not vote.

So, if this is the term used by the United States Government to describe green card holders, then who’s feeding this hysteria? I don’t speak Spanish, but my opponent does…why don’t you ask her what EMIGRADO really means, and why is she fueling the fire. Why is she holding rallies to add to the hysteria?

My opponent, Ms. Sanchez, is not concerned with enforcing our immigration laws. In fact, she has introduced legislation to prevent prospective voters to show valid I.D. before voting. She has even sponsored bills to give social security pensions to illegal immigrants…in a time when we don’t even have enough money to pay our retirees. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that this would encourage more people to vote fraudulently.

I am appalled and surprised at the amount of hysteria that has been generated.
Ms. Sanchez, who has been unavailable to defend her bizarre voting record which includes refusing to condemn Hezbollah, the terrorist organization that killed 241 of our Marines in 1983, refusing to commend our soldiers, refusing to help our senior citizens get cheaper medicines and Long Term Care, has all of a sudden jumped on the bandwagon and made herself very available!

So even if it were true (which we can see by the link above it isn’t) that Tan wrote the letter, what he said there is absolutely legal, correct and proper. There have been numerous likely sounding stories of Democrat operatives actively recruiting illegal Mexican immigrants to vote. It is suspected that exactly such voting was how Ms Sanchez skinned ol' B1 Bob Dornan out of this seat in the first place, back in 1996 Dornan vs. Sanchez. Considering that this has been a tacit Democrat tactic, it's only reasonable that the Republican candidate give people a general notice that such things are illegal - because they are.


Orange County Republican Bob Dornan was running against Loretta Sanchez. This was quite an interesting election. Miss Loretta had tried several times to run for office under her married name of Loretta Brixley. Didn't work. Then, an epiphany! Why not revert to her maiden name of Sanchez? There are tens of thousands of Hispanics in the district, and though many of them are illegal, being the informed and knowledgeable voters that they are, they would certainly respond better to the Sanchez name than to the Brixley name. So ... change her name she did, and win she did ... on the strength of thousands of votes from unregistered Latino voters. The Republicans, recognizing that some pretty massive voting fraud had taken place, immediately started an investigation. The Democrats, just two years from having lost control of the House, immediately started screaming racism. The tactic worked, the investigation into rampant illegal voting was dropped, and Sanchez remains in the House of Representatives

Through out this whole tragic circus ride, I have to give credit to Tan Nguyen himself for 1) standing up and fighting for what he believes in and 2) re-instating the campaign worker specifically responsible for the controversial letter. He initially fired her from his staff, saying that he had not approved that letter. But after some reflection and giving the letter another look he decided there was nothing wrong with it, and asked her to come back. That's the most honorable act of this entire episode. Imo!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Will the Indiana 7th be the roadblock to the Dems taking the house?

The Democrats hope of taking back control of the House may meet and unexpected roadblock in Indiana’s 7th Congressional District. The race pits Incumbent Democrat Julia Carlson and Republican Eric Dickerson

According to a local poll Carlson has blown a 20-point lead and now trails Dickerson

A new poll shows Democratic U.S. Rep. Julia Carson narrowly trailing Republican Eric Dickerson -- an outcome that, if it holds on Election Day, would be one of the biggest upsets in Indiana politics.

Dickerson led Carson 45 percent to 42 percent in the poll conducted for WTHR (Channel 13), The Indianapolis Star's news-gathering partner.

To be fair the article does state:
Carson, though, shrugged off the results.

"This isn't my first time at the rodeo," she said. "I've been behind in the polls before."

In 2002, a poll taken just before the election showed Carson with only a 1 percentage point lead over Republican Brose McVey. She won, 53 percent to 44 percent. And in Carson's first congressional campaign in 1996, a poll taken just before the election showed her trailing Republican Virginia Blankenbaker by three percentage points. She won by eight

This is a whole new ballgame; my guess is it won’t be long before the national media picks up coverage on this race! Indiana will be one to keep a close eye on!

H/T Captain Ed

Iraq tells U.S. and UK, Don't panic!

"We need to be realist but not defeatist. We need to understand that there is a need of utmost urgency to deal with many of the problems of Iraq but we must not give in to panic."-Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih

Don't panic, Iraq tells U.S. and UK

Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih warned against defeatism and panic on Monday as his U.S. and British allies came under growing pressure to change their Iraq strategy in the face of relentless bloodshed.

Salih, in London for talks with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and other British ministers, made clear his anxiety about the change in tone in London and Washington, where senior figures are questioning whether the current strategy in Iraq is viable.

"I'm obviously concerned about the debate both in the U.S. and Europe, I have to say, because there is too much of a pessimistic tone to this debate -- even I would say in certain circles a defeatist tone," he told BBC radio.

This is sound advice and more proof that the Iraqis want and need us to keep helping them.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Don’t believe the hype!

Hugh Hewitt finally calls out one of these doom pushers for the fraud he is.

Rick Shaftan is one of the Cut-And-Run Conservatives Rush has, apparently, been describing on his show and last night Hugh said point blank "I don't believe you." of course Shaftan couldn’t backup his claims so the call was abruptly ended when Rick hung up!

Now is not the time for doom and gloom

Shaftan had been quoted in Thursday's Washington Times as saying "Conservatives aren't motivated to come out, is what I'm finding. They see no reason to re-elect the people who are in office."

I asked Mr. Shaftan was he conducting polling, for whom, and was it published? No, it wasn't published, he replied, and that he did some work for the Minutemen. Then, as he began to get back to his fable, I stopped him and told him I simply don't believe it.

Instead of attempting to persuade me and the audience that he was legit, he hung up


So why are "conservatives" bad mouthing Republican prospects? Why not instead spend time and effort identifying those races which everyone agrees are close and in need of effort, attention and money?

Shock of shock, it is in the self-interest of some of the prophets to cast the alleged dire situation as the result of their not having been listened to, a very transparent ploy to position themselves and their agendas as the experts and the answers when the dust clears after the election.

So don’t believe the hype! Just like all the election cycles before this one the polls will tighten to more accurately reflect the races as we move closer to the 7th. And this canard about punishing non-conservative Republicans or not voting at all will be proven to be just that, a canard!

Funny how people (especially political junkies and beltway types) are still falling for these games and tactics its like people’s good sense gets wiped away and they have to start fresh ever two years...

Shiites and Sunnis seek to halt the violence in Iraq

Yesterday Nearly 50 Iraqi scholars from both the Shiite and Sunni communities in Iraq came together to put the finishing touches on a document that calls for ending the fratricidal carnage in Iraq.

Iraq Ulema Seek Reconciliation

The meeting tonight at the royal palace in Makkah that overlooks the Holy Kaaba is being held under the auspices of the 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). Expectations in the Muslim street are high but analysts doubt if the accord will have any positive impact.

This story has yet to be picked up by the MSM for obvious reasons, no surprise there. And there are plenty of reasons to believe this action will not lead to any positive results but I believe the fact that they see a problem and are willing to try to do something about it is very newsworthy and should be commended!

“The document is aimed at ending bloodshed among Muslims in Iraq and putting an end to the sectarian fighting and the terrorizing of the innocent people there,” said Mahdi Fathallah, the director of OIC’s political affairs

“The sectarian fighting in Iraq has caused a great deal of concern, not only for the Iraqi people but for all Muslims,” he said. “It, therefore, became incumbent upon the Ummah to try and defuse the situation,” he added, pointing out the Qur’anic injunction that says: “If two parties among the believers fall into a quarrel, make peace between them.”

According to Fathallah, the meeting has no political agenda. “It is not a conference, a symposium, a debate, a discussion or a form of negotiation. It is simply a meeting of ulema (religious scholars) from both communities,” he said. “They have come together to underline the importance of unity and to help stop the spilling of Muslim blood in the streets of Iraq.”

Whether or not this has any impact at all is really a side issue, this is good news for people here in the U.S. it’s important for the folks to understand that the majority of people in Iraq want to end the bloodshed from all sides or sects in there homeland. To borrow from the piece:

“The OIC has at long last become involved in an effort to end the bloodshed in Iraq. The alarming situation in the country requires the urgent attention and constructive engagement of all of the region’s multilateral organizations, which have been slow to respond to the intensifying crisis,”

While we debate about how best to adjust our involvement to win in Iraq it’s good to see some effort being made by the Iraqis. After all it’s their country, their sisters and brothers, their daughters and sons, their moms and pops that have a chance at a new start and that goal is achievable if they want it bad enough to come together and fight for it!

CNN defends its airing of Insurgent propaganda!

CNN the unofficial North American affiliate of Aljazeera and seemingly willing accomplice to at least one insurgent group from Iraq has aired what appears to be the killing of U.S. troops by sniper attack!

The impeccable human beings and staunch lovers of America over at CNN should be ashamed of themselves for a couple of reasons!

1) This type of report, at this stage, does very little other than embolden our enemies and serve as propaganda!

2) This footage should have been immediately turned over to the U.S. military along with their buddy Ibrahim al-Shammari!

3) Using the videotaped death of American troops is sensationalism purely for ratings and is not news!

CNN airs footage of Iraq sniper attacks
A CNN executive said Thursday the network's effort to present the "unvarnished truth" about the

Iraq war led it to televise portions of a video that shows insurgent snipers targeting U.S. military personnel.

The tape, which came to the network unexpectedly through contact with an insurgent leader, was aired first Wednesday night on "Anderson Cooper 360" and repeated on Thursday.

In one instance, the tape shows a uniformed member of the U.S. military milling in a public area with Iraqis. A shot rings out. CNN fades the screen to black before the result — described as a victim falling forward — is visible.

It's one of 10 separate sniper attacks on Americans documented on the tape, which CNN technicians concluded was authentic, said David Doss, executive producer of Cooper's show, in a Web log entry describing the network's decision what to show.

CNN could not determine the identity of any of the sniper victims, spokeswoman Christa Robinson said.

Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware had been in contact through intermediaries with Ibrahim al-Shammari, a leader for the rebel group Islamic Army. Ware had sent al-Shammari a series of questions about the insurgency in Iraq, Doss explained.

In reply, al-Shammari sent two tapes. One reportedly showed him, with face concealed, responding to the questions. The other showed the sniper incidents, seemingly taken by the insurgents themselves, CNN said.

What deal did CNN make with “The Nice Freedom Fighter” Ibrahim al-Shammari? (Good company you’re keeping there!!!)

I suppose the negotiation for these tapes went something like this: hey bro, you get us some good film and we’ll air it on international TV it'll do wonders for your cause” way to go CNN!!!

The “Unvarnished Truth” here is that CNN used the videotaped death of an American soldier(s) for no other reason than sensationalism to pump ratings and influence people to there slant on the Iraq war!!!... FOR SHAME!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

China Lays the Smackdown on NK

According to a report via Drudge Lil’ Kim Jong Il, AKA “Pajama Boy” is Sorry for test and would return to international nuclear talks if Washington backs off a campaign to financially isolate the country Kim told the Chinese delegation that "he is sorry about the nuclear test," the newspaper reported.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il expressed regret about his country's nuclear test to a Chinese delegation and said Pyongyang would return to international nuclear talks if Washington backs off a campaign to financially isolate the country, a South Korean newspaper reported Friday.

"If the U.S. makes a concession to some degree, we will also make a concession to some degree, whether it be bilateral talks or six-party talks," Kim was quoted as telling a Chinese envoy, the mass- circulation Chosun Ilbo reported, citing a diplomatic source in China.

Looks like China finally decided to step-up and prove it is ready to wear the superpower moniker. I hope this actually leads to something productive but I’m not holding my breath!

My CA Proposition Voter Guide

Proposition 1A. Transportation Funding Protection—State of California (Legislative Constitutional Amendment – Majority Approval Required) Should the California Constitution be amended to further protect the state sales tax revenues for transportation purposes from general-purpose use and require any funds borrowed to be repaid to the transportation fund?


Proposition 1B. Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security—State of Calfiornia (Legislative Bond Act – Majority Approval Required)
Should the state sell $19.9 billion in general obligation bonds to fund state and local transportation improvement projects to relieve congestion, improve movement of goods, improve air quality, and enhance safety and security of the transportation system?


Proposition 1C. Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act of 2006—State of California (Legislative Bond Act – Majority Approval Required) Should the state sell $2.9 billion in general obligation bonds to fund housing for lower-income residents and development in urban areas near public transportation?


Proposition 1D. Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities—State of California (Legislative Bond Act – Majority Approval Required) Should the state sell $10.4 billion in general obligation bonds to fund repair and upgrade of public schools, including kindergarten through grade 12, community colleges, and state universities?


Proposition 1E. Disaster Preparedness and Flood Prevention—State of California (Legislative Bond Act – Majority Approval Required) Should the state sell $4.1 billion in general obligation bonds to finance disaster preparedness and flood prevention projects at the state and local levels?


Proposition 83. Sex Offenders. Sexually Violent Predators. Punishment, Residence Restrictions and Monitoring—State of California (Initiative Statute – Majority Approval Required) Should California amend existing laws relating to violent and habitual sex offenders and child molesters to increase penalties and monitoring?

YES! (to override the Sacramento Legislature “pervert protectors”)

Proposition 84. Water Quality, Safety and Supply. Flood Control. Natural Resource Protection. Park Improvements—State of California (Bond Initiative Statute – Majority Approval Required) Should the state issue $5.4 billion in bonds for a wide variety of projects related to water safety, rivers, beaches, levees, watersheds, and parks and forests?


Proposition 85. Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor’s Pregnancy—State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment – Majority Approval Required)Should the California Constitution be amended to require notification of the parent or legal guardian of an unemancipated pregnant minor at least 48 hours before performing an abortion?


Proposition 86. Tax on Cigarettes—State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute – Majority Approval Required) Should the state impose an additional tax of $2.60 per cigarette pack to fund new and expanded health services, health insurance for children, and expand tobacco use prevention programs?


Proposition 87. Alternative Energy. Research, Production, Incentives. Tax on California Oil Producers—State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute – Majority Approval Required) Should California establish a $4 billion Clean Alternative Energy Program to reduce California’s oil and gasoline consumption by 25 percent through incentives for alternative energy, education, and training?


Proposition 88. Education Funding. Real Property Parcel Tax—State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute – Majority Approval Required) should the California Constitution be amended to levy an annual $50 real property tax on most parcels with the funds allocated to five K-12 education programs?


Proposition 89. Political Campaigns. Public Financing. Corporate Tax Increase. Campaign Contribution and Expenditure Limits—State of California (Initiative Statute – Majority Approval Required) Should eligible candidates for state elective offices receive public campaign funding that is supported by new taxes on corporations and financial institutions, and should contribution limits be imposed on those candidates that do not receive public campaign funding?


Proposition 90. Government Acquisition, Regulation of Private Property—State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment – Majority Approval Required)
Should the California Constitution be amended to require government to pay property owners for substantial economic losses resulting from some new laws and rules, and limit government authority to take ownership of private property?


My complete voter guide to follow soon...

What Pelosi's House Would Look Like!

H/T Roy Blunt for Pelosi's House

"I pride myself in being called a liberal."

"I don't consider myself a moderate."

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) (Time, 9/4/06)

...And she's not the only one.

"This list of the bills most likely to be championed by committee chairmen in a Pelosi-led House of Representatives would be great fodder for the latenight talk show hosts if it weren't true," House Majority Whip Roy Blunt said. "Instead, it's just plain scary. While Republicans fight the War on Terror, grow our robust economy, and crack down on illegal immigration, House Democrats plot to establish a Department of Peace, raise your taxes, and minimize penalties for crack dealers. The difference couldn't be starker."


Department of Peace and Nonviolence Act -- H.R. 3760: Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)
and 74 Democratic cosponsors propose a new "Department of Peace and Nonviolence" as well as "National Peace Day." Cosponsors include three would-be Democratic Chairmen: John Conyers (Judiciary), George Miller (Education and the Workforce), and Charlie Rangel (Ways and Means).

Gas Stamps -- H.R. 3712: Jim McDermott (D-WA)
and eight Democratic cosponsors want a "Gas Stamps" program similar to the Food Stamps program to subsidize the gasoline purchases of qualified individuals.

Less Jail Time for Selling Crack Cocaine - H.R. 2456: Charlie Rangel (D-NY)
and 23 Democratic cosponsors want to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for possessing, importing, and distributing crack cocaine. John Conyers, the would-be Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, which has jurisdiction over the bill, is a cosponsor.

Voting Rights for Criminals - H.R. 1300: John Conyers (D-MI) and 32 Democratic cosponsors, and H.R. 663: Charlie Rangel (D-NY) and 28 Democratic cosponsors would let convicted felons vote. Rep. John Conyers is the would-be Democratic Chairman of the Judiciary Committee which would consider this legislation.

Expand Medicare to Include Diapers -- H.R. 1052: Barney Frank (D-MA) supports Medicare coverage of adult diapers. Barney Frank is the would-be Chairman of the Financial Services Committee.

Nationalized Health Care - H.R. 4683: John Dingell (D-MI)
and 18 Democratic cosponsors want to expand Medicare to cover all Americans. John Dingell is the would-be Democratic Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee who along with cosponsors Charlie Rangel, would-be Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, and Henry Waxman, would-be Chairman of the Government Reform Committee, would have jurisdiction over the proposal.

Federal Regulation of Restaurant Menus -- H.R. 5563: Rosa DeLauro (D-CT)
and 25 Democratic cosponsors authorize federal regulation of the contents of restaurant menus.

Taxpayer Funded Abortions & Elimination of all Restrictions on Abortion, Including Parental Notice - H.R. 5151: Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and 66 Democratic cosponsors want to overturn even minimal restrictions on abortion such as parental notice requirements. The bill would also require taxpayer funding of abortions through the various federal health care programs. John Conyers, the would-be Chairman of Judiciary Committee which has jurisdiction over the bill, is an original cosponsor.

Bill of Welfare Rights -- H.J. Res. 29-35: Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL)
proposes a Soviet-style "Bill of Welfare Rights," enshrining the rights of full employment, public education, national healthcare, public housing, abortion, progressive taxation, and union membership. On some these measures, Rep. Jackson is joined by up to 35 Democratic cosponsors, including would-be Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers.

A note about this list: While by no means an exhaustive list of the liberal, out-of-the-mainstream bills introduced by Democratic Members, these bills deserve particular attention because the principle advocates are the very individuals who would be in a position to schedule committee markups and move the legislation through the Congress should the Democrats take control.

For more details on the would-be chairmen….

Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.)
Elected 1969, 18th term Rep. Obey voted with the AFL-CIO 100% of the time. Obey voted against the Deficit Reduction Act, against Defense Funding (FY06), against the Legislative Line Item Veto, and against funding the Global War on Terror (FY04).

“Mr. Obey was one of those Democrats who ripped Mr. Clinton for endorsing a balanced budget in 1995. Rather than cut spending, his goal would be to spend less on defense and more on domestic programs and entitlements.” (WSJ, 08/31/06)

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.)
Elected 1970, 18th term Rep. Rangel voted with the ACLU 94% of the time. Rangel consistently voted against free trade agreements, against the Bush tax cuts, against Pension Reform, and against Welfare Reform.

Rep. Rangel “opposed the Bush tax cuts and recently voted against free trade with tiny Oman. His committee's crucial health care subcommittee would be run by California's Pete Stark (1972), who in 1993 criticized Hillary Clinton's health care proposal because the government wasn't dominant enough.” (WSJ, 08/31/06)

“No question about it.” -Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), when asked whether tax increases across the spectrum would be considered should Democrats take control of Congress. (CongressDaily, 09/26/06)

Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.)
Elected 1964, 21st term Rep. Conyers voted with the AFL-CIO 100% and the ACLU 100% of the time. Conyers consistently voted against any liability reform, against the USA PATRIOT Act Reauthorization, against REAL ID, against the Child Interstate Abortion Notification bill, and against Border Protection and Immigration Reform.

“He recently made his plans clear in a 370-page report… the report accuses the Administration of violating no fewer than 26 laws and regulations, and is a road map of Mr. Conyers's explicit intention to investigate grounds for impeaching President Bush.” (WSJ, 08/31/06)

Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman John Dingell (D-Mich.)
Elected 1955, 25th term Rep. Dingell voted with the AFL-CIO 100% of the time. Dingell voted against exploring for American-made energy in ANWR and OCS, against reforming the Endangered Species Act, and against the Telecom Reauthorization bill.

“The Michigan Congressman would do his best to provide taxpayer help to GM and Ford. But telecom companies would probably get more regulation in the form of Net neutrality rules, and a windfall profits tax on oil would be a real possibility.” (WSJ, 08/31/06)

Education and the Workforce Committee Chairman George Miller (D-Calif.)
Elected 1974, 16th term Rep. Miller voted with the ACLU 95% of the time. Miller voted against Higher Education Reauthorization, against Head Start Reauthorization, and against Pension Reform.

Rep. Miller is “the chief sponsor of the ‘Employee Free Choice Act,’ which would make it much easier for unions to organize by largely banning secret elections… The Californian also wants to raise the minimum wage and fulfill the National Education Association wish to spend more federal dollars on local school construction.” (WSJ, 08/31/06)

Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.)
Elected 1980, 13th term Rep. Frank voted with the AFL-CIO 100% and the ACLU 95% of the time. Frank voted against the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention Act, against Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement, and against Credit Rating Reform.

“…the ascension of Barney Frank (1980) would mean a reprieve for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, despite $16 billion in accounting scandals. His main reform priority has been to carve out a new affordable housing fund from the two companies' profits. And forget about any major review of Sarbanes-Oxley.” (WSJ, 08/31/06)

Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.)
Elected 1974, 16th term Rep. Waxman voted with the AFL-CIO 100% and the ACLU 95% of the time. Waxman voted against the 9/11 Recommendations Implementation Act, against the formation of the Bipartisan Katrina Committee, and against 527 Reform.

Rep. Waxman “would compete with Mr. Conyers to see who could issue the most subpoenas to the Bush Administration.” (WSJ, 08/31/06)

Intelligence Committee Chairman Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.)
Elected 1992, 7th term Rep. Hastings voted with the AFL-CIO 92% of the time. Hastings voted against declaring that the U.S. will prevail in the Global War on Terror, against the 9/11 Recommendations Implementation Act, against Supporting Terrorist Finance Tracking, against the USA PATRIOT Act Reauthorization, and against Border Protection and Immigration Reform.

Rep. Hastings “who, should Ms. Pelosi succeed in pushing aside current ranking Member Jane Harman, would take over the House Intelligence Committee. Before he won his Florida seat in 1992, Mr. Hastings had been a federal judge who was impeached and convicted by a Democratic Congress for lying to beat a bribery rap. He would handle America's most vital national secrets.” (WSJ, 08/31/06)

*Group ratings are from 2004. Key votes are from the 108th and 109th Congress. Wall Street Journal quotes are extracted from “Back to the Congressional Future” editorial, August 31, 2006


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Minority Whip Hoyer and Benjamin Cardin Need to Apologize!

I apologize if I’m repeating this story I’ve been away for a couple of days and hadn’t seen it posted!

Last Sunday night while campaigning for and introducing Benjamin Cardin House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer blasted Michael Steele saying he (Steele) has had "a career of slavishly supporting the Republican Party." more here

Gov. Michael S. Steele accused a leading Democratic congressman yesterday of racial insensitivity for saying the Republican candidate has "slavishly" followed the GOP.

Steele, an African American running for the U.S. Senate, was reacting to remarks by House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer, who characterized Steele this week as having had "a career of slavishly supporting the Republican Party."

After speaking to members of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce gathered in Ocean City, Steele called the description "the height of arrogance."

"It goes to just the sheer craziness of some in the Democratic Party who think they can use racist terms and infer things about me just because I'm an African American Republican," he said.

Steele added that he expects his Democratic opponent, Benjamin L. Cardin, to "stand up and tell his team to sit down and shut up, stop the noise and apologize."

Hoyer's comments, first reported by MSNBC, came Sunday as he was introducing Cardin to a group of black business owners in Upper Marlboro, and his choice of words did not cause a visible reaction from the crowd.

"There was absolutely no offense taken or noticed," said event organizer Melvin Forbes, chief executive of Cool Wave Water. "It was obvious that Steny was simply talking about Steele's constant support for the Republican agenda."

This is outrageous imo, this type of comment would never pass if it were coming from a Republican. Democrats would be beside themselves and rightly so!

I do think an appropriate resolution to this matter is an official apology by both men so we can move on as I’m no advocate for PC. However there is defiantly a double standard and some hypocrisy here and it also shows a disturbing pattern of racism by the left of late.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Steve Lyons; Victim of the Speech Police?

We have got to bring some sanity back to this country and curtail this type of PC overreaction!

Fox baseball broadcaster Steve Lyons has been fired for making a racially insensitive comment directed at colleague Lou Piniella's Hispanic heritage on the air during Game 3 of the American League championship series.

As he worked Friday's American League Championship Series Game 3 with Lou Piniella, Lyons made a comment about not being able to find his wallet and not wanting to "sit too close" to Piniella.

The supposed relevance of that, assuming one is intent in finding logic in any of this? Piniella, who has a Hispanic heritage, had earlier compared the good play of a Hispanic player to the good luck of finding a wallet. And thus Lyons, who spoke of "habla-ing Espanol" after Piniella said a few words in Spanish, seemed to be suggesting a convoluted connection between Hispanics and stealing wallets.

Not true, Lyons said: "My joke was about a wallet. It had nothing to do with race. We were all laughing at the time. I'm being painted as a victimizer of Lou. At dinner later (with Fox announcers and production staffers), we all thought it was one of our better exchanges." (Sunday, Fox spokesman Dan Bell declined to respond to any of Lyons' comments.)

Midway through that dinner, Lyons said, he got a call from Fox saying he was off Saturday's ALCS Game 4, for which he was replaced by Los Angeles Angels announcer Jose Mota, who's worked 15-20 regular-season games for Fox

Lyons said “he believes people are taking a lot of liberty with what I said," and that “he was making a joke that had nothing to do with race;" that it's a "real stretch" to find racism in the on-air exchange that cost him his job, "and anybody who knows me knows it was the furthest from anything racist."

Frankly I could care less about Steve Lyons who has a history of stupid off-the-cuff remarks not to mention dropping trou during a game. But I have a problem with this by-product of the politically correct movement that somehow people have the right not to be offended! The speech and thought police seem to be all over the place of late and its implications are terrifying.

We have got to bring some sanity back to this country and curtail this type of PC overreaction! Lets not fire silly commentators for joking around with ambiguous comments that were clearly not intended to hurt anyone!

Brittan’s Deluge of Freeloaders

What we here in the United States can look forward to if we continue to move toward the European style entitlement society.

The U.K. is facing a huge problem with immigrants seeking “asylum” and sucking off the state. The SUN reported today that immigration whistleblower Rory Clarke declared BRITAIN is such a soft touch that even AMERICANS are coming here to claim asylum and sponge off the state.
Britain is seen as such a soft touch that poor people from countries such as America are even coming here now.

A couple of years ago I met two black guys from the States who were over here because they thought they could get a better standard of living.
One was from Ohio and the other from Kansas. They claimed asylum because they said they were racially discriminated against at home.

But they freely admitted they were here for the free healthcare and accommodation. It is an absolute joke.

They could have been here for up to five years before their application was processed.


When he started the job he calculates 50 per cent of asylum seekers were genuine. But now he reckons that figure is FIVE per cent.

Those waiting for applications to be processed get immediate free healthcare, free accommodation and £35 a week in benefits.

Rory maintains the deluge is dominated by freeloaders.

These include fit young men from Middle Eastern countries who are here because they want to dodge compulsory military service back home, he added.


Government studies estimate 300,000 bogus asylum seekers are still in the country after having applications turned down.

But Rory said: “The Government figures are just the tip of the iceberg. I reckon there are at least a million and that number is growing every day.

“What really scares me is that we have no idea who is coming into the country. Less than a third of those here illegally have official papers or any identification.
“We let people in and take their word for who they are and what they are doing in Britain. Nobody knows if they are murderers, rapists or even terrorists.

This serves as a great reminder that we need real immigration reform as well as a complete overhaul of the failed social services that have been strangling the American tax payer!

Friday, October 13, 2006

A fellow bloggers plea for help

In researching the Reid case a fellow blogger had found some great information on the multiple real estate transactions with one Harry Reid regarding properties in NV (PDF) while linking to this I found his passionate plea for help and thought I’d share it with you!

The last 2 pages is a personal story and a plea to anyone who can help me with my battle with cancer and my Health Insurance Company Pacificare. I would be grateful to anyone who will post my story on their blog to expose the way I have been treated.

Thank You,

Sal D’Anna, Spring Valley, CA

My battle with cancer, an insurer that canceled my coverage because I got sick, and tens of thousands of dollars of debt started out as a compassionate joke.

My father was having health problems that his doctor didn’t understand, so I suggested that he go get a full body scan, something my mother had done a few years ago. Sometimes it finds hidden things.

Last Christmas, he said, OK, “I’ll do it if you do it.” He was more than a little nervous so I decided to humor him. I called the clinic where my mother had gone and they said it would be a couple of months, unless we would go Friday the 13th of January. We’re not superstitious, so that was fine with us. A friend and his wife went with as well.

I thought I was there just to support my Dad. Unlike him, I didn’t even order a consultation with the doctor afterward. This was his appointment, not mine. About a week later, we went in to go over his results, and the doctor said my dad was fine but that she needed to talk with me. She said there was something odd, and that she wanted me to do an abdomen scan that would provide more detail.

We did that on Jan. 31. I got the results on Feb. 3 over the phone. They said there was a definite tumor on my right kidney and they thought I should get right to my doctor. There was no discussion yet of cancer. At that moment, I was certainly grateful that my new insurance with PacifiCare had kicked in. They approved it on Jan. 24, taking effect Feb. 1. It wasn’t until a good deal later that I learned that I had an aggressive form of kidney cancer and that one of my kidneys would have to be removed. This was done May 12.

I had first visited with my insurance broker in November, and after some back and forth he persuaded me to go with PacifiCare. I filled out the application Jan. 10, but on Jan. 18 he told me I had to submit an updated 2006 form. But he told me just to fill out the authorization pages and he’d fill out the rest from my previous application.

On Aug. 13, I got a cancellation notice from PacifiCare. It said that I knew when I applied that I had kidney cancer, and accused me of fraud. If they had called the agent they would have learned I started the enrollment process in November, and the agent knew I was going to have the scan. But I wasn’t diagnosed with cancer until after the coverage actually started. If I’d known I was ill, wouldn’t I have bought something better than a crummy HMO?

At the end of August, I received my regular monthly premium notice for the month of
September. I sent the payment certified mail with return receipt and they cashed the check right away. When I did not receive the October premium notice, I sent the October payment to them certified mail with return receipt. I know they received it but have not received confirmation if they had cashed this payment yet.

Also in August, I received two certificates from Pacificare. The first certificate was for HIPAA coverage which is useless since I need 18 months of prior coverage for HIPAA to apply. The second certificate was proof of previous prescription drug coverage so that I won’t get a penalty when I apply for Medicare Plan D coverage. This seemed odd since I won’t be eligible for Medicare until the year 2037. Since I signed up for coverage with Pacificare, I have also received an AARP card and a letter from Liberty telling me how they can deliver my Medicare drugs right to my home. Why they think I am eligible for Medicare is beyond me.

In addition, not only have I had to put with PacifiCare’s illegal, arbitrary cancellation of my policy, but my doctors failed to accurately diagnose my cancer, delaying the correct treatment and wasting precious time. As if that wasn’t enough, PacifiCare refused to pay the bills for my kidney surgery by the experts at the Cleveland Clinic because it was not in the company’s network. PacifiCare didn’t tell me that it wouldn’t cover the surgery until the day before the operation, waiting until after I had already traveled across the country, and contradicting the recommendation of my in network doctor.

I also found out that since I didn’t have the PacifiCare insurance for 18 months, all other insurers could deny me coverage for having a preexisting condition. Now I am impossible to insure. Brokers tell me I’ll “never be covered.”

I have paid out of pocket for lung and abdomen scans and I’m supposed to have them every six months—for life. Together, they are $1,000 each time. I still have to figure out how to deal with $25,000 I owe my parents for a loan they gave me to partially pay for the $60,000 surgery that PacifiCare denied. I don’t know what the future will hold. I’m self-employed, and still not working as much as before all this.

The only good thing about this story is that my Dad saved my life. My chances of survival are much better with the early detection. For that I’m grateful. The question now is how can I afford to stay healthy.

Salvatore D’Anna

It’s the least I could do!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blacks in Mississippi Suppress White Vote

“I wouldn’t sit here and pretend black people haven’t been mistreated,” he said. “I hate what happened in the past. But I can’t do anything about it.”

Said Roderick Walker, the Noxubee county prosecutor, insisting that the past has nothing to do with the first federal lawsuit under the Voting Rights Act accusing blacks of suppressing the right of whites to vote.

The Justice Department is focusing it efforts on Ike Brown:

The Justice Department’s main focus is Ike Brown, a local power broker whose imaginative electoral tactics have for 20 years caused whisperings from here to the state capital in Jackson, 100 miles to the southwest. Mr. Brown, tall, thin, a twice-convicted felon, the chairman of the Noxubee County Democratic Executive Committee and its undisputed political boss, is accused by the federal government of orchestrating — with the help of others — “relentless voting-related racial discrimination” against whites, whom blacks outnumber by more than 3 to 1 in the county.

Mr. Brown apparently (according to the lawsuit and supporting documents) reached his goal of keeping black politicians in office by ” paying and organizing notaries, some of whom illegally marked absentee ballots or influenced how the ballots were voted; of publishing a list of voters, all white, accompanied by a warning that they would be challenged at the polls; of importing black voters into the county; and of altering racial percentages in districts by manipulating the registration rolls”

To run against the county prosecutor — one of two white officeholders in Noxubee — Mr. Brown brought in a black lawyer from outside the county, according to the supporting documents, who never even bothered to turn on the gas or electricity at his rented apartment. That candidate was disqualified. Whites, who make up just under 30 percent of the population here, are circumspect when discussing Mr. Brown, though he remains a hero to many blacks. When he drove off to federal prison to serve a sentence for tax fraud in 1995, he received a grand farewell from his political supporters and friends, including local elected officials; whites, on the other hand, for years have seen him as a kind of occult force in determining the affairs of the county.

This case seems to be more about Right and Wrong than Black and White IMO and Mr. Walker seems to agree “In my opinion, it puts the focus on fair play,” said Roderick Walker, the county prosecutor Mr. Brown tried to oust, in 2003. “They were doing something wrong.”

Take away the race and this seems to be SOP (standard operating procedure) for democrats! Whether it’s the ACLU fighting to give felons the right to vote to Dead people registering to vote in St. Louis. along with the usual tactics of vote being bought, stolen, suppressed, lost, cast more than once, assigned to dead people and pets, miscounted, thrown into rivers and all the rest!

Unfortunately and especially in the current climate this type of voter fraud and disenfranchisement is a reality that we will have to deal with, there are simple solutions to these problems like voter ID (which for some unknown reason {wink, wink} is met with sever opposition) and others that should be implemented ASAP!

Voter disenfranchisement and fraud no doubt happens (somewhere) on both sides and should be addressed and fixed or legislated out of existence by the folks both Republican and Democrat. We need to let fairness rule the day, Election Day that is! Let’s trumpet all avenues that get us there!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

North Korea Defies The World!

North Korea defies the world

North Korea evoked almost universal condemnation from the world’s big powers on Monday after defying international warnings and proclaiming it had tested its first nuclear bomb.

The announcement followed an explosion in a northern province bordering China and Russia at 10.36am local time.

It was measured by US and South Korean geologists as an earthquake of magnitude 4.2 on the Richter scale.

The official North Korean Central News Agency described the test as an “historic event that brought happiness to our military and people” and said there had been no radioactive leakage from the site.

Intelligence experts and scientists were on Monday poring over seismic and other data but said they could not yet confirm a nuclear explosion. However, several observers said that the seismic data suggested the explosion was significantly smaller than would have been expected from a plutonium bomb and could have been a dud.

The proclaimed test prompted an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council in New York that looked likely to lead to punitive sanctions being imposed on Kim Jong-il’s regime.

It's time for China to step up and act like the supper power they claim to be!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Ramsey Clark should stay in Iraq

Could we please petition to have Ramsey Clark stay in Iraq indefinitely!

Clark says Saddam death penalty will unleash 'catastrophic' violence

Ramsey Clark, a former US attorney general who is one of

Saddam Hussein's lawyers, said that any death sentence against the former Iraqi president would increase violence in the strife-torn country.

"It seems clear that a guilty verdict will set off catastrophic violence" and that a death sentence would be even worse, Clark told a Washington press conference.

"It's hard to know how many Iraqis, dozens, hundreds, thousands, will die because of the sentence," he said.

A date for a verdict in the crimes against humanity trial against Saddam and seven co-accused, which opened in October, 2005, is due to be set soon after the trial resumes on October 16.

If Saddam is found guilty and sentenced to death, Iraqi law lays down that he should be executed within 30 days, said Clark.

The US attorney general from 1967-69 reaffirmed his belief that the court is illegal because it was set up only to try Saddam. He criticised the judges because they were "selected, trained, paid, protected by the United States."

Saddam and his co-defendants, including a half brother Barzan al-Tikriti, are on trial for a crackdown on a Shiite town of Dujail following an assassination attempt in 1982.
He faces a separate trial for genocide against
Iraq's Kurdish minority in the 1988 Anfal campaign.

This guy is the lowest of the low in my opinion. Self described Anti-war activist and traitor to America:

“Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them (America), or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court." U.S. Constitution Article III, Section 3.”

He seems to fit the definition of having committed treasonous behavior to me!

Lets see, giving "Aid and Comfort" to America's enemies in the form of Defending Terrorist Bomber Mohammad Daoud al-Owhali, a student of Osama bin Laden, who truck bombed the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya in 1998. He was also seen throwing grenades at the guards, before he fled killing 213 and injured numerous others.

American Embassies are considered American soil and attacking our embassy is an Act of War. The same al-Owhali was implicated in the bombings at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, which killed 224 and critically injured 4,500.

Al-Owhali was finally caught and brought back to justice in the United States. Only one attorney would volunteer to handle the case of this sworn enemy of the United States: You guessed it!!!Ramsey Clark. Clark soon began to use the courtroom as a bully pulpit to rail against U.S. policies around the world.

Clark also, in his capacity as founder and head of International Action Center (a major organizing component of the current anti-war A.N.S.W.E.R.), which was founded both by Clark and the leaders of the Workers World Party several years ago, produced a document called an "Appeal To Troops." where Clark urged insurrection and mutiny of our soldiers while a war was raging in Europe with our troops. He wrote:

"President Clinton and the Pentagon generals have put you in danger … Kosovo is Vietnam. During that war, the Pentagon had ordered--a burn all, kill all assault on the civilian population. Atrocities like that also led many U.S. soldiers to drug addiction, suicide and mental breakdowns. But there were other U.S. troops that resisted the war. Hundreds of thousands refused to go into aggressive action."

Isn't inciting an insurrection during wartime a traitorous behavior? I believe so …“One who betrays one's country, a cause, or a trust, especially one who commits treason."

OH! Lets not forget Helping the '93 WTC Bombers:

The 1993 World Trade Center bombers were represented by none other then Ramsey Clark! He unsuccessfully argued during the trial that the suspects' race was the reason that they were being tried. Give me a brake!

Could we please petition to have Ramsey Clark stay in Iraq indefinitely! Do we really need this type of pond scum floating around bashing America?

Al Qaida's Next Generation

Al Qaida's new generation unknown to U.S. intelligence
The new generation of Al Qaida remains secret and unknown to international intelligence services, an Al Qaida website last week reported.

Islamic writer Uways Bradley wrote Sept. 22 on a Global Islamic Media Front website that Al Qaida was expanding worldwide and has not been diminished by U.S.-led counterterrorism efforts.

“Al Qaida is here to stay,” he said, noting that many members of the first generation Al Qaida are known to “Crusaders” and their followers.
However, the next generation of Al Qaida is still secret.

“The new generation is a mercurial generation in every measure,” he said. “This creates a serious security and political crisis. For example, the blessed attacks in London were carried out by heroes who were not previously known, and so were the attacks of Madrid and the Arabian Peninsula.”

Bradley said the United States has “limited knowledge” of the identities of current Al Qaida leaders and noted confusion among U.S. intelligence agencies about the successor to Al Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al Zarqawi prior to the naming of Abu-Hamza al-Mohajer

Meanwhile, Pakistan has learned that the Al Qaida leader involved in the plot to blow up jetliners flying from London to the Untied States is hiding in northeastern Afghanistan and has been moving between Nuristan and Konar provinces bordering Pakistan. The name of the operative was not revealed publicly, but he was an Arab and aide to Ayman Al Zawahiri. Rashid Rauf, who was arrested in Pakistan and is a key figure in the foiled plot, disclosed his identity.

The investigation revealed that Al Zawahiri, Al Qaida’s No. 2 leader, approved the plot.

Al-Qaeda's Next Generation: Less Visible and More Lethal

Experts speculate widely about the composition and tactics of the next generation of mujahideen. This speculation stems from the fact that transnational groups are harder collection targets than nation-states. Such ambiguity and imprecision is likely to endure indefinitely, and is particularly worrisome concerning "next-generation" terrorism studies.

Osama bin Laden has been planning for the next generation of mujahideen since he began speaking publicly in the mid-1990s. Bin Laden has always described the "defensive jihad" against the United States as potentially a multi-generational struggle. After the 9/11 attacks, bin Laden explained that, even as the anti-U.S. war intensified, the torch was being passed from his generation to the next. "We have been struggling right from our youth," bin Laden wrote in late 2001:

"We sacrificed our homes, families, and all the luxuries of this worldly life in the path of Allah (was ask Allah to accept our efforts). In our youth, we fought with and defeated the (former) Soviet Union (with the help of Allah), a world super power, and now we are fighting the USA. We have never let the Muslim Ummah down.

"Muslims are being humiliated, tortured and ruthlessly killed all over the world, and its time to fight these satanic forces with the utmost strength and power. Today the whole of the Muslim Ummah is depending (after Allah) upon the Muslim youth, hoping that they would never let them down." [1]

The question arising is, of course, what threat will the next generation of al-Qaeda-inspired mujahideen pose? Based on the admittedly imprecise information available, the answer seems to lie in three discernible trends: a) the next generation will be at least as devout but more professional and less operationally visible; b) it will be larger, with more adherents and potential recruits; and c) it will be better educated and more adept at using the tools of modernity, particularly communications and weapons.

Although it might take years to get back up to speed this is the best evidence for the reinstatement of on the ground intelligence gathering and infiltration. We should have never abandoned this practice!!! We all now who’s responsible so I won’t mention names…

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Democrat Times of New York; At it again!

The New York Times or as I like to call them The Democrat Times of New York recently reported that former CIA Director George Tenet and Counterterrorism Chief J. Cofer Black met on July 10, 2001 with National Security Advisor (at the time) Condoleezza Rice to warn of an imminent Al-Qaeda attack on the US and that this information was withheld from the 9/11 Commission. Problem is the reporter, Philip Shenon, got the story wrong. After apparently and let me say allegedly doing someone else’s bidding, he offered a new contradictory account saying that the 9/11 Commission had been told of the Rice-Tenet meeting.

This is what Shenon’s Monday morning article called 9/11 Panel Members Weren’t Told of Meeting said:

Members of the Sept. 11 commission said today that they were alarmed that they were told nothing about a White House meeting in July 2001 at which George J. Tenet, then the director of central intelligence, is reported to have warned Condoleezza Rice, then the national security adviser, about an imminent Al Qaeda attack and failed to persuade her to take action.


In interviews Saturday and today, commission members said they were never told about the meeting despite hours of public and private questioning with Ms. Rice, Mr. Tenet and Mr. Black, much of it focused specifically on how the White House had dealt with terrorist threats in the summer of 2001.

He claims Democratic commissioner, Richard Ben-Veniste, says that “the meeting was never mentioned to us.”

But surprise, surprise on the same day that article was ran, Shenon made a complete reversal by claiming in an article posted on the Times website that, in fact, members of the 9/11 Commission had been made aware of the meeting. The article called Records Show Tenet Briefed Rice on Al Qaeda Threat says:

Department of State spokesman Sean. McCormack also said records show that the Sept. 11 commission was informed about the meeting, a fact that former intelligence officials and members of the commission confirmed on Monday.


Mr. Tenet told members of the Sept. 11 commission about the July 10 meeting when they interviewed him in early 2004, but committee members said the former C.I.A. director never indicated he had left the White House with the impression that he had been ignored.

“Tenet never told us that he was brushed off,” said Richard Ben-Veniste, a Democratic member of the commission. “We certainly would have followed that up.”

Notice there is no mention of the contradictory statements from Richard Ben-Veniste!

It could be that the reporters sources didn’t have a clue as to what they were talking about, or they were using him to wield their political axes. Regardless, The New York Times should let their readers know that they got the story wrong!

Alas this is yet another example of the willingness and ease of the MSM to whack away at the Bush Administration with little regard for the truth! Journalism needs a complete overhaul and return to journalistic ethics. Today’s 24 hour showbiz journalism is doing a huge disservice to the people of this country. The internet has plenty of outlets for propaganda and reckless influencing, there is little need for it in our major news papers!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

George Allen holds a six-point lead

This comes Rasmussen via the Washington Times

Virginia Sen. George Allen holds a six-point lead over his Democratic challenger, James H. Webb Jr., a new statewide poll released yesterday shows.

If the election were held today, Mr. Allen, a Republican, would capture 49 percent of the vote, while Mr. Webb would receive 43 percent, according to a telephone survey of 750 likely voters conducted by Rasmussen Reports from Thursday through Sunday.

The data also show 5 percent are undecided and 3 percent would choose some other candidate in the contest.

Election Day is Nov. 7.

The race could hold national implications as well -- Democrats need to win six seats to recapture a Senate majority.

Mr. Allen has held a steady lead in the Rasmussen poll for more than a year, but his once double-digit advantage over any challenger was eroded after a summer of campaign blunders.

In an attempt to regain the momentum from Mr. Webb, who is catching up in the fundraising race, Mr. Allen last night spoke to voters in a two-minute statewide televised address.

He also has been battling recent assertions that he used racial epithets to describe blacks when he was in college.

The Rasmussen poll showed Mr. Webb leading Mr. Allen by 39 points among black voters.

Mr. Webb is facing criticism, too, with Mr. Allen running an attack ad using the Democrat's 1979 article "Women Can't Fight" in which he criticizes female midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Still, 47 percent of women surveyed in the poll said they prefer Mr. Webb to Mr. Allen. Meanwhile, 57 percent of men said they prefer Mr. Allen.

The poll showed that 49 percent of those surveyed were not familiar with Mr. Webb's article, saying they had followed news reports on the article either "not very closely" or "not at all." By contrast, 81 percent of potential voters said they were following the racial accusations against Mr. Allen either "very closely" or "somewhat closely."

Because substance beats accusations and innuendo every time!