Friday, September 08, 2006

Multi-Purpose Slate for ABC

Thanks to TS at Seixon with a Hat Tip to MICHELLE MALKIN
We have this beauty:

If I were the head of ABC, I'd yank the series, citing "chilly wind-like" fears, angry Democrats were planning to revoke the broadcasting license (ahem - censorship- ahem) and toss that steaming pile of crap right back on their laps...BUT , JOM commenter "MayBee" has an even better idea:

Any scene Clinton objects to, they should black out with a screen that says "The Democrats in Congress have threatened to pull our license if we show this scene."

Then at the end, they should run a cartoon of Sandy Berger stuffing documents down his pants, and Madeliene Albright doing her toast with Kim Jong "I'm So Ronery" Il.

So, ever the public service minded at Seixon, we have created a multi-purpose slate for ABC to insert into every scene the champions of free speech nutroots or poor Bill Clinton objects too (because, from the looks of this massive jihad they are waging , it appears ABC will be using this slate quite a bit):

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