Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November 7, 2006 Part II

The Day True Conservatism Returned to Politics

Now that I got my doom and gloom post out of the way I wanted to talk about how I really feel about the elections and their ramifications!

First of all I have to congratulate the Democratic Party on a well fought battle and point out in particular Rohm Emanuel! He succeeded where others have continually failed and should be commended for his strategy of recruiting real moderate and conservative democrats, Blue Dogs if you will. Some are calling it a dirty trick others like Thomas Sowell are saying it was the new voter fraud

Getting people to vote for moderates, in order to put extremists in power, may be the newest and biggest voter fraud.

I’ll just say it was a solid election tactic that seems to have worked brilliantly! Although the pickups didn’t reach the historical averages for a mid-term in the sixth year of a presidency - it’s a victory none the less!

I was extremely disappointed watching the returns that goes without saying, losing the house was almost a foregone conclusion but I was holding out hope that the republicans would come out force and hold. I was wrong!

When it became clear that the Senate was going to go to the Dems as well I was thoroughly disgusted and let down by my party. It was clear by the closeness of the races that this wasn’t a win for the democrats and their ideals as it was a loss for career CongressCritters™ due to their lack principle and performance!

That was a turning point for me! Realizing I could now focus on influencing (in my own small way) the way my Party will look going forward. Changing the party from the inside is a whole lot easier when you’re out of power. And mark my words change is coming soon!!!

For the longest time I’ve been shouting at the wind hoping these big government, weekly standard, companionate conservatives would listen to what I and like minded people were saying – to get back to conservative principles and stop the madness. I was obviously going about it the wrong way.

So here’s our chance rebuild the party, get back to principles, nominate strong leaders and get back to what we do best; coming up with great ideas, debating those ideas and implementing them.

Message to Democrats after the celebration you are going to have to put up or shut up! No more standing on the sidelines criticizing and banging your fist on the desk. I hope you look to your new conservative democratic friends for guidance and not let the far left bully their votes or I suspect it will be a short two years then out!

Also so many times I hear the words bipartisan cooperation this usually mean conservatives have to sacrifice one or more of their principles and you Dems sacrifice nothing I hope this is not the case. I’ll be watching...

Shadegg, Pence, Flake and others are the future with our help they will elect a republican President in 2008. - Just as long as it’s not McCain :-)

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