Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Levin says troops out of Iraq as early as April!

All the debate about what to do in Iraq might turn out to be all for not!

If Senator Carl Levin has his way, we will be pulling troops out of Iraq as early as April!

Levin will become the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee on January 13th 2007 and his top priority is a “phased redeployment,” which he said should begin in four to six months.”

Levin has high hopes and apparently expects to get what he called “a bipartisan statement from the Congress that the United States has got to change course in Iraq.” ” in the wake of the Nov. 7 election he believes this statement is “very possible” and would be “a powerful statement reflecting the election results,” Levin said. It would “have an impact on the president,”

Some other priorities Levin has on deck when Democrats run the Senate Armed Services Committee:

• Rebuild readiness in the Army and Marine Corps and address equipment shortages after three and a half years of war.

• Review progress being made in Afghanistan by U.S. and NATO forces.

• Determine whether U.S. military forces are properly sized, organized and equipped to deal with current conflicts and conflicts they’re likely to face in the future, including nontraditional warfare.

• Increase oversight “to make sure the American people are getting a proper return on their tax dollars and that the Pentagon’s activities are lawful.”

The first three are SOP (standard operating procedure) implying this wasn’t been looked at is just playing to the camera! The last is a shot across the bow to the administration, yet another door the democrats will use to limit the government, military and pentagons ability to protect the American people disguised as ”oversight”!!!

He also added this little gem! Levin said he wants to conduct a thorough review of ballistic missile defense.

He said ”The Defense Department has been spending about $10 billion a year buying and installing a missile intercept system, but so far it has not been shown to work, I think it’s a mistake to purchase all of those missiles before we know that they’re going to work,”

Scared yet? Me too! Developing and deploying this SDI technology should be top priority as I’ve written about in a piece called A Case For SDI And from what I gather Carl Levin doesn’t believe in ballistic missile defense.

At this point if the decision is going to be give up in Iraq, why wait, 4 to 6 months lets do it now! If we’re going to quit, quit!

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