Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Democratic Agenda; Criticizing, Complaining and Condemning!

In the run-up to the elections we know terrorists have increased attacks in Iraq believing they will bring about a change in our leadership that will work in their favor to gain an advantage in the GWOT. But it’s important to remember that there have been no terrorist attacks on American soil for the last five years. Some like to dismiss that claim out of hand but the fact remains this administration and our allies have foiled several attacks and have taken the fight to the places where these terrorists live!

It’s to bad the Democrats have moved so far away from the sentiments expressed in this statement by Harry Truman:

"We will not yield to aggression… Appeasement of evil is not the road to peace . . . the American people have always met danger with courage and determination . . . I am confident we will do so now, and, with God's help, we shall keep our freedom . . . I was determined that we would not back out — that if we got out, someone would have to force us out. I want to make it perfectly plain that we cannot desert our friends when the going gets rough."

With no agenda, no new ideas, or no better answers the Democrats are relying on and frankly expecting so–called middle America to put them in office knowing full well their weakness on national defense. Problem is the Democratic Party has become the party of name-callers and the party of Criticizing, Complaining and Condemning with absolutely no answers, no action and no accountability for their poor decisions in the past.

I have yet to hear liberal democrats explain to the folks, the disastrous consequences of pulling out of Iraq! abandoning the premier battlefield in the GWOT and Islamic fanaticism would send Iraq into a full blown civil war and create a haven from which terrorist can launch their global jihad on the western world with vast amounts of oil money.

I suppose these compassionate liberals feel that when the going gets tough the though abandon the fight to let someone else clean up the mess.

Here’s what would happen:

1) Islamo-facists would proclaim victory over the USA
2) Terrorist recruiting would go through the roof
3) U.S. credibility would suffer severely
4) The morale of all our armed forces would tank
5) Iraq would become a terrorist launch pad
6) Attacks on U.S. major cities using chemical, biological or nuclear weapons would be planned
7) Though Iraq’s oil wealth the new fronts in the war would in time become the U.S., Great Britain and Europe

If you think Democrats might be better at winning the war on terror and protecting you from terrorists, let's take a look at their track record. Party Of Three C's
1. Clinton administration took no effective action against terrorists who repeatedly attacked and killed Americans

On 10 specific occasions, the Clinton White House failed to act when the CIA and military knew exactly where Osama bin Laden was and had plans to get him. It created legal barriers (the "wall") that stopped the FBI and CIA from communicating and sharing vital terrorist information.

In 1994, the administration signed a naive agreement that ex-President Jimmy Carter negotiated with North Korea. In exchange for a pledge not to develop nuclear weapons, North Korea got billions of dollars and facilities that it used to secretly develop nukes over the six remaining years of the Clinton administration.
These are the nukes they use now to threaten the U.S., Japan and South Korea and perhaps sell to al-Qaida.

2. Congressional Democrats have voted over and over against a missile defense system to protect America. They have also voted against tapping phone calls that foreign terrorists make to the U.S., against tracing terrorist money flows between foreign banks and against the Patriot Act. Most recently, 197 Democrats voted against a bill permitting the interrogation of captured terrorists.

3. Further damage to America's future was done when President Carter withdrew U.S. support for our longtime military ally, the Shah of Iran, because Carter objected to his human rights treatment of imprisoned Soviet communist spies.

As a result, the Shah's government was overthrown, and the Muslim Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran and declared it an Islamic nation. Carter's incompetence, in other words, gave us our greatest new threat: a religious Iranian terror regime that created and financed Hezbollah and Hamas and is determined to get nukes, wipe out Israel and control the Mideast.

4. Carter was also a consistent failure in the Cold War with the Soviet communists. After meeting him, they invaded Afghanistan. This led a 23-year-old bin Laden to raise money and recruit other Muslims to fight the anti-Soviet jihad. After the Soviets left Afghanistan, bin Laden's followers became al-Qaida.
This wouldn't have happened if the Soviets weren't emboldened to invade Afghanistan once they saw how weak Carter was. Communists ran roughshod over him, capturing seven new countries. It took a Republican, Ronald Reagan, to turn the tide and leave the Soviet Union's 70-year-old experiment with communism on the ash heap of history — all with little help from Democrats who criticized and fought almost every Reagan defense policy.

5. Democrat Lyndon Johnson took his advice on the Vietnam War from two liberal Democrats who worked for CBS News: Walter Cronkite and Bob Schieffer. They told the American people we weren't winning that war, so we should cut and run. So we quit, Congress reneged on its agreement to provide support to South Vietnam and the communists took over and slaughtered nearly 4 million innocent civilians there and in neighboring countries.

40 years under Democratic leadership has given us retreat and defeat, by talk and appeasement, by dangerously naive policies and by an inability to make key decisions and take action. It's been one loss after another on defense, and no wins.

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