Saturday, November 18, 2006

Israeli envoy walks out of U.N. session

from UPI

Israel's ambassador walked out on the United Nations session that resulted in a strong call to Israel to end its military operations in the Gaza Strip.

The 192-member General Assembly voted Friday night 156-7, with six abstentions, in favor of the non-binding resolution in an emergency special session.

The United States, Israel and Australia voted against the document, while all the European Union members supported it after last-minute changes were made to soften the tone.

Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman conducted a news conference nearby and blasted the session as a "farce" and a "circus," Ha'aretz reported Saturday.

U.S. Ambassador John Bolton called the resolution "one-sided" and said its adoption would only "increase tension and serve the interests of those hostile to Israel and that do not accept Israel's right to exist."

Palestinian U.N. observer Riyad Mansour said Israel had committed war crimes against Palestinian civilians in its nearly five-month offensive, which Israel says is aimed at stopping militants from firing rockets into its territory.

Good for you!!!

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