Monday, October 23, 2006

Will the Indiana 7th be the roadblock to the Dems taking the house?

The Democrats hope of taking back control of the House may meet and unexpected roadblock in Indiana’s 7th Congressional District. The race pits Incumbent Democrat Julia Carlson and Republican Eric Dickerson

According to a local poll Carlson has blown a 20-point lead and now trails Dickerson

A new poll shows Democratic U.S. Rep. Julia Carson narrowly trailing Republican Eric Dickerson -- an outcome that, if it holds on Election Day, would be one of the biggest upsets in Indiana politics.

Dickerson led Carson 45 percent to 42 percent in the poll conducted for WTHR (Channel 13), The Indianapolis Star's news-gathering partner.

To be fair the article does state:
Carson, though, shrugged off the results.

"This isn't my first time at the rodeo," she said. "I've been behind in the polls before."

In 2002, a poll taken just before the election showed Carson with only a 1 percentage point lead over Republican Brose McVey. She won, 53 percent to 44 percent. And in Carson's first congressional campaign in 1996, a poll taken just before the election showed her trailing Republican Virginia Blankenbaker by three percentage points. She won by eight

This is a whole new ballgame; my guess is it won’t be long before the national media picks up coverage on this race! Indiana will be one to keep a close eye on!

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Obob said...

I work in the 7th and have watched the crafty Carson years. In past years the GOP didn't get it as they put up ineffective challengers. Another factor is Carson's very loyal base, they love her dearly. But Dickerson is different on two important factors, ex-military black male and he goes door-to-door stumping for votes.
I agree this could be the race tht came from nowhere to hurt the Dems. Dickerson is teh prototypical black candidate for the GOP in the future

Steven Foley said...

Thanks for your personal insight! I hope Eric wins and serves the people of his district with honor and distinction