Friday, October 20, 2006

CNN defends its airing of Insurgent propaganda!

CNN the unofficial North American affiliate of Aljazeera and seemingly willing accomplice to at least one insurgent group from Iraq has aired what appears to be the killing of U.S. troops by sniper attack!

The impeccable human beings and staunch lovers of America over at CNN should be ashamed of themselves for a couple of reasons!

1) This type of report, at this stage, does very little other than embolden our enemies and serve as propaganda!

2) This footage should have been immediately turned over to the U.S. military along with their buddy Ibrahim al-Shammari!

3) Using the videotaped death of American troops is sensationalism purely for ratings and is not news!

CNN airs footage of Iraq sniper attacks
A CNN executive said Thursday the network's effort to present the "unvarnished truth" about the

Iraq war led it to televise portions of a video that shows insurgent snipers targeting U.S. military personnel.

The tape, which came to the network unexpectedly through contact with an insurgent leader, was aired first Wednesday night on "Anderson Cooper 360" and repeated on Thursday.

In one instance, the tape shows a uniformed member of the U.S. military milling in a public area with Iraqis. A shot rings out. CNN fades the screen to black before the result — described as a victim falling forward — is visible.

It's one of 10 separate sniper attacks on Americans documented on the tape, which CNN technicians concluded was authentic, said David Doss, executive producer of Cooper's show, in a Web log entry describing the network's decision what to show.

CNN could not determine the identity of any of the sniper victims, spokeswoman Christa Robinson said.

Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware had been in contact through intermediaries with Ibrahim al-Shammari, a leader for the rebel group Islamic Army. Ware had sent al-Shammari a series of questions about the insurgency in Iraq, Doss explained.

In reply, al-Shammari sent two tapes. One reportedly showed him, with face concealed, responding to the questions. The other showed the sniper incidents, seemingly taken by the insurgents themselves, CNN said.

What deal did CNN make with “The Nice Freedom Fighter” Ibrahim al-Shammari? (Good company you’re keeping there!!!)

I suppose the negotiation for these tapes went something like this: hey bro, you get us some good film and we’ll air it on international TV it'll do wonders for your cause” way to go CNN!!!

The “Unvarnished Truth” here is that CNN used the videotaped death of an American soldier(s) for no other reason than sensationalism to pump ratings and influence people to there slant on the Iraq war!!!... FOR SHAME!!!

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