Friday, October 20, 2006

Don’t believe the hype!

Hugh Hewitt finally calls out one of these doom pushers for the fraud he is.

Rick Shaftan is one of the Cut-And-Run Conservatives Rush has, apparently, been describing on his show and last night Hugh said point blank "I don't believe you." of course Shaftan couldn’t backup his claims so the call was abruptly ended when Rick hung up!

Now is not the time for doom and gloom

Shaftan had been quoted in Thursday's Washington Times as saying "Conservatives aren't motivated to come out, is what I'm finding. They see no reason to re-elect the people who are in office."

I asked Mr. Shaftan was he conducting polling, for whom, and was it published? No, it wasn't published, he replied, and that he did some work for the Minutemen. Then, as he began to get back to his fable, I stopped him and told him I simply don't believe it.

Instead of attempting to persuade me and the audience that he was legit, he hung up


So why are "conservatives" bad mouthing Republican prospects? Why not instead spend time and effort identifying those races which everyone agrees are close and in need of effort, attention and money?

Shock of shock, it is in the self-interest of some of the prophets to cast the alleged dire situation as the result of their not having been listened to, a very transparent ploy to position themselves and their agendas as the experts and the answers when the dust clears after the election.

So don’t believe the hype! Just like all the election cycles before this one the polls will tighten to more accurately reflect the races as we move closer to the 7th. And this canard about punishing non-conservative Republicans or not voting at all will be proven to be just that, a canard!

Funny how people (especially political junkies and beltway types) are still falling for these games and tactics its like people’s good sense gets wiped away and they have to start fresh ever two years...

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