Friday, August 18, 2006

Al Qaeda targets the Taj Mahal

Democracy and western civilization have been at war for the better part of 27 years. It’s time for some to realize it!

Lest anyone forget that its democracy and western civilization that’s under attack by Islamo-fascists and not just the U.S and U.K. Al Qaeda steps up to reiterate the point.

Al Qaeda Letter Threatens to Blow Up Taj Mahal
Police in northern India have heightened security around the Taj Mahal after receiving a letter threatening to blow up the monument, officials said Friday.

Sandbag bunkers have been set up outside the towering entrance gates leading to the 17th century monument and soldiers belonging to an anti-terrorist squad have been posted on 24-hour duty, said Ashok Kumar, a senior government official in Uttar Pradesh state where the Taj Mahal is located.
Police were investigating a handwritten letter purportedly sent by an Al Qaeda supporter, saying the terrorist group planned to carry out blasts at the Taj Mahal.

Police were skeptical about the letter, but had begun investigations, Kumar said Friday.

"Police are verifying the source of the letter," he said. "The letter could be false but we cannot afford to be complacent. We are not taking any chances and have enhanced security at the Taj."

"The letter, signed by someone calling himself Mohammed Mirza and claiming to be associated with the Al Qaeda, was received at the office of the superintendent of police in Agra on Thursday," Kumar said.

“The letter said the Al Qaeda had plans to carry out blasts at the Taj Mahal and around busy markets of Agra," he said.

Besides being a sovereign nation who abides by the rule of law, India is the largest democracy in the world. With a population nearly four times that of the United States, a billion people, India modeled its government on the British parliamentary system, with a healthy dose of influences from the United States and the rest of Europe.

This is a direct threat to Al Qaeda and like-minded radical murderers. Who’s goal as far as I can tell is to create a Muslim world predicated on the rule of the first Caliphs and with that, the destruction of Israel and the toppling pro-Western dictatorships and democracies around the Middle East and eventually around the world.

The world has got to understand this enemy before it too late! Unfortunately this is very slow in coming. Just the other night Christiane Amanpour sitting in for Larry King, had two terrorism experts on the show from the U.K. Guest Dr. Anthony McCroy, while explaining to Ms. Amanpour that Islamic disgruntled youth and extremists feel their at war, she either didn’t understand the concept or was unwilling to accept the obvious. This rings true for many liberal minded people who would rather put the blinders on instead of facing the truth.

Christiane Amanpour hosting LARRY KING LIVE

AMANPOUR: But what moves a person to be concerned about their fellow citizens to be proud or intent on their religion to being potentially a mass murderer?

MCCROY: Well, again it goes back to the concept of the UMA. This is tradition where Mohammed said that the believers are like one fist and if one part suffers all of it suffers. So, they see it as a kind of religious and moral duty on their part to help their suffering brothers.

AMANPOUR: But, you know, many Islamic scholars would say that that is not correct. In other words, they would defend the Koran. They would say that, in fact, this exhortation to kill innocents is simply nowhere to be found in the Koran so what is it about these young men?

MCCROY: Well that's true but bin Laden has redefined the concept of innocence. To him what he said about in Muslim democracies because we choose our own governments and that these governments then wage war on Muslims that makes the electorate culpable in the actions of their governments, so from that basis they don't see Americans or to this extent Britons as innocent.

AMANPOUR: Are you saying that these people feel that they're at war?

MCCROY: They definitely feel they're at war.

AMANPOUR: People who live here in London in the home counties, in the Thames Valley?

MCCROY: Well look at what (INAUDIBLE) last year.

AMANPOUR: One of the 7/7 plotters who killed himself.

MCCROY: Who we believe was in the plot. He said, you know, "We're at war and I'm a soldier." Very clearly he was -- he was defending his people. He said "You are attacking our people." When was the last time the RAF or the American Air Force bombed Bradford or bombed (INAUDIBLE), you know, where he came from? Rather he meant you're attacking my people in Palestine and Iraq and so forth.

She continues to display more of the same ignorance when speaking to her next guest. A filmmaker who recently made a film called "The Cult of the Suicide Bomber, and who has written about the IRA extensively.

AMANPOUR: So what is it in your studies -- you've done the study as you've called it, the cult of the suicide bomber. What makes a young man who grows up in England, third generation, fairly privileged compared to where he probably came from, blow himself up and kill other people?

TOOLIS: Suicide bombing is like a virus. It has come out of the Middle East. It has spread all over the world. It has effectively downloaded itself into the minds of one of the most substantial Muslim communities in Europe, the British Asian population.

It has the ability to infect small pockets. We're talking about a tiny, tiny minority in a much larger community. But it basically can transfer itself without a mastermind abroad, without any seemingly outward signs, it can basically radicalize people. It's based on two beliefs -- that the Muslims are engaged in a war against the west or the west is engaged in a war against the Uma (ph), you know, the entire Islamic world, and that by killing yourself, by martyring yourself you'll be striking back against the enemy.

AMANPOUR: Even though suicide is proscribed in the Koran. It's forbidden.

TOOLIS: This isn't suicide. These people never, ever think of it as suicide. They see it as a sacred religious act, an act of martyrdom which will guarantee their ascent into the gardens of paradise

I realize it looks like I’m picking on Christiane Amanpour, well, OK! I am a little, but it goes to my larger point. People of her ilk still believe that these attacks are isolated incidents and not a war started 27 or so years ago with September 11, 2001 finally being a big enough slap too respond and the guts to do it!

To paraphrase Mark Levin, we have to kill these cockroaches, not one by one, but where they nest!


Anonymous said...

it sucks that someone would want to blow up the taj mahal it's true that a muslim built it but he built ilt it for his love ,in memory of memory of his wife so how does that have to do anything with blowing up anything.

Anonymous said...

why blow up something full of beaty and love

Unknown said...

hey lets out it this way
muslims want to blow up a muslim building....

Unknown said...

correction to previous statment...
it should read
lets PUT it this way instead of the word out..typo