Friday, November 11, 2005

My plan for illegal immigration reform

My plan includes securing the borders, getting rid of sanctuary cities, creating a gust worker program that does not include amnesty, and eliminating the welfare state

Originaly posted here Oct 20th, 2005: 14:41:19

The first thing we must do is secure our borders. There have been many suggestions on how best to get this job done. I think the two best ideas I've heard are 1. militarize the borders (National Guard). 2. Privatize a border control agency. I believe either one would be a great step in the right direction. I tend to lean more towards privatization, being a capitalist, but have heard compelling augments for the National Guard as well

The second would be repealing the sanctuary city status of all major cities (special order 40 and such) I'm not saying our police departments should go out and round up illegal aliens but should have the power to ask for citizenship status with any interaction with citizens.
Lastly and only after the first two items have been fully implanted should we consider any kind of guest worker program? This program should not be an amnesty! Everyone who participates must go back to their country of origin to obtain such status. Along with this program must be stiff fines for employers who continue to hire illegal aliens.

To accompany this immigration reform we must tear down and dismantle the welfare state. I would like to start with getting government out of Education & Health Care! Private Education and Health Care would not only drive down costs and prices for the consumers but would eliminate wasteful taxes and abuse by illegal immigrants
Now that i think of it passing the fair tax bill (HR25) would be a great addition to my plan.

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